Tips For Keeping Everyone Safe When Renting A Bounce House

Have you decided to make your child's birthday extra special by renting a bounce house? If so, it's very important that you take the steps to keep everyone safe. These are a few tips that you should know about when renting a bounce house.

Set Up The Bounce House Properly

You want to follow all the instructions when it comes to setting up the bounce house, which are going to be different depending on the type of bounce house you have. It involves placing the bounce house on a flat surface so that there is no risk of the structure tipping over while kids are inside and having fun. Some bounce houses that have climbing walls and tall slides will also have tie-down straps that help anchor the bounce house in place. This helps prevent the tall parts of the bounce house from tipping over while a child is on top.

Know The Restrictions

Every bounce house is going to have its own restrictions when it comes to how the structure is used. This is typically listed on the side of the bounce house in a place that is easy to read after it is inflated. It will tell you things such as how many kids are allowed to play in the structure at once, what the total weight restriction is, and things of that nature. Having too much weight in the bounce house will cause the blower to not keep the structure inflated, which can cause it to collapse in on itself if you are not careful. 

You should also make sure all the children follow the rules for taking off shoes and bouncing with socks on. This not only helps keep the inside clean but prevents hands and toes from being stepped on by hard shoes.

Monitor The Bounce House When In Use

An adult should monitor the activity in the bounce house at all times. Make sure at least one adult is watching what is happening so that everyone is safe. It is very easy for a small child to get trampled in a bounce house by older kids who are not paying attention. Having an adult watching the bounce house will make it safer for everyone to have fun inside.

Have more questions about safety when renting a bounce house? Or do you need to know which bounce house or bounce castle rentals will work for your next events? Reach out to a bounce house rental company for more information prior to picking up your rental.