Why Multiple TVs Are A Must In A Home Theater For Watching Sports

A home theater can be a place where you and your family gather to watch movies, but on Sundays during the football season, this space becomes the spot to hang out to watch football with your friends. If you're a big professional football fan and plan to use your new home theater to host football-watching gatherings with your friends, you should seriously consider having multiple TVs instead of just one large TV. There are several ways to situate these screens — one approach is to simply place four large screens on one wall. Here are some reasons that multiple TVs are a good idea.

People Cheer For Different Teams

Although you and some of your friends might cheer for the same football team, there's a good chance that at least a few of those who attend your football-watching parties will support other teams. With just one screen, it can be a debate over what game to watch — and some of those in attendance may be upset about not getting to see their team. With a wall that is covered in screens, you can ensure that everyone is getting to watch his or her favorite team in action.

People Want Fantasy Updates

For many football fans, playing fantasy football against their friends and colleagues is just as exciting as watching the games themselves. If there are people in your group who are constantly checking their fantasy teams during games, multiple TVs will come in handy. You can tune one TV to a channel that provides fantasy updates, provides statistics as they happen, or exclusively show scoring highlights from different games around the league. You can be confident that your group's eyes will frequently be trained on this screen throughout the afternoon.

People Enjoy Other Sports

Football might be the most popular sport on Sundays, but that doesn't mean that it's the only thing to watch. A lot of football fans are also interested in following other sports that occur on Sundays, and having a handful of TVs will allow you to tune one of them to a different sporting event. In October, this could be a professional baseball playoff game. In September through November, a NASCAR race might appeal to some of your guests. Later in the football season, professional basketball games or hockey games may also be worth putting on one of the screens when people visit your home to watch football.

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