3 Things To Rent For A Kid's Outdoor Summer Birthday Party

Are you getting tired of going to the same places every year for kid birthday parties, leaving you scrambling for ideas that are a bit different? If so, you may be considering hosting a backyard birthday party this summer so that you don't have to go far from home. This can be an easy party to pull off, but it will help if you have a few items to do it. Here are three things you can rent to make a successful outdoor birthday bash.

A Tent

Being outside in the cool summer air can be really nice in the middle of summer. However, everyone likely will want to get out of the sun at some point. If your goal is to avoid having people go inside your home, you will want to rent a large tent for the birthday party.

The size of the tent that you needs really depends on how big your party is and what you are trying to do with it. Some people like using the tent as a place to store the food so that it does not get too hot and melt, giving people a place to sit and relax while their kids play. Others like to just use it for shade as people rotate in and out during the party. Either way, it can be worth it to have a tent set up to help beat the heat.

A Bounce House

You need a fun outdoor activity that will appeal to every kid, and you really can't go wrong with having a bounce house. You may be surprised at how many options are there to rent, with you being able to find a good sized bounce house that will fit in your backyard. The kids will be keeping themselves busy the whole day running in and out to jump, which will also be sure to tire them out by the end of the day.

A Pool

Don't forget about the idea of having a pool party. Instead of buying a large inflatable pool that you may only use once, consider renting one. This can be a great idea as the kids get older and do not need constant supervision while in the water, and can even be combined with other outdoor water activities. Water balloons and squirt guns can add to the excitement of the theme of the party, and help provide some lasting memories.

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