How Mini Golf Tournaments Work

Mini golf is sometimes not taken seriously as a sport, but for many, it is not only a pastime, but is also a profession, especially in Europe. Almost all European countries have an organization that offers tournaments. In the United States, there are two organizations that offer tournaments: the U.S. Pro Mini-Golf Association and the Professional Putters Association.

What to Expect

When participating in a mini golf tournament, you might expect it to be a spectacle. However, most professional mini golf courses are similar to conventional golf courses. They are often filled with rocks, trees and sand and water hazards. 

Putt-Putt Vs. Mini Golf

The Professional Putters Association has rules that are somewhat different from the mini-golf played by the Pro Mini-Golf Association. Professional putters play putt-putt, which is designed for players to try to achieve as many holes-in-one as possible. With putt-putt, you're hitting the ball across AstroTurf. With mini-golf, rocks and bricks are involved, making this version somewhat more challenging. 

Advantages of Mini Golf Tournaments

One of the great things about professional mini golf is that it's a competition you can participate in for the rest of your life. If you practice everyday, you'll get closer and closer to winning a tournament. 

To succeed at professional mini golf, know the course very well. Go to the course you'll be competing on and practice for at least eight hours. Find out the exact location where you'll need to bank a shot so the ball goes where you want it to. The speed at which you hit the golf ball is crucial. Make sure to have the estimated speed right so that you will have a second easy putt if you miss the first one. If you over or under-hit the ball, you can put yourself in a tricky situation. 

Even if you're not interested in participating in a mini golf tournament, you might enjoy spectating. Mini golf professionals often aren't concerned about the fundamentals, so it can be fun to see what stances they use when hitting the ball. Also, the tournaments tend to move at a brisk pace compared with other types of golf tournaments.

The winner of a competition can win as much as $5,000. However, not many people make a living as a professional mini golf contestant. Still, it is a fun dream to strive for as you pursue your love of mini golf. 

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