Treat Your Husband To A Mystery Performance At A Dinner Theatre

If your husband is a fan of detective movies and shows and you want to provide him with a special birthday celebration, make reservations at a mystery dinner theatre. This type of venue includes a live show, food, and beverages.

Inquire About Group Rates And Seating

Mystery dinner venues tend to sell out, especially if the performers who are featured have a solid reputation and have been participating in theatrical events for some time. Participating in a live event will be more fun if several of your husband's friends attend, so create a guest list before contacting the owner of a mystery dinner theatre.

During your conversation with the owner of the establishment, find out how much it will cost for a group to attend the next performance and request details about the seating inside of the restaurant. Some places that provide live shows set up tables in front of a stage and others tend to have a long banquet-like serving area that encompasses the interior walls of a dining area.

Obtain information about the menu that will be served on the night of the event so that you can relay the details to each person who is invited. You may be required to pick out appetizers, main courses, and beverages beforehand, so having the dining details worked out will guarantee that everyone will be served the items that are desired.

You need to decide if you are going to foot the entire bill or if you are going to request that the other attendees chip in to absorb a portion of the cost. Most people who are invited will likely not mind paying their fair share because they will each be actively participating in a unique dining experience.

Get Involved And Collaborate As A Group

Hype everyone up prior to the event by describing the type of show that will be featured and the possibility of taking an active part in the production. Often, theatrical performers like to get the audience involved and may even hand out props that each attendee can wear or utilize throughout a performance. 

Keep your husband guessing about what his birthday surprise will entail. Act composed and do not give him any clues as to what is in store. On the night of the performance, ask your husband if he would like to grab a bite to eat. After heading out, reveal the destination and tell your husband that you hope he is willing to use his detective skills to help you and the others solve the crime that is presented during the performance.