5 Tricks For Saving Money On Wedding Table Rentals Without Sacrificing Style

Planning a dream wedding on a budget can cause quite a bit of stress as you decide where to cut corners and where to spend what's necessary to get the style you want. Renting tables is definitely cheaper than buying them, but it still accounts for quite a hefty part of the total fee for all rental goods. Trim down the budget in this area while still creating the stylish atmosphere you want with these five tricks no one will notice.

Use Fancy Tables in Visible Locations

Do you have your eye on some classic farm tables or beautiful handmade barn wood tables? These eye catching rustic furnishings tend to rent for a price that is many times the cost of a standard round table, usually available for $8 or so. Instead of renting them to fit every guest, try just renting a few of them and staging the tables strategically around the wedding grounds. Use them for holding the cake, guest book, and wedding favors or at the front just for the bride and groom. Your guests can admire the beauty of the real wood without noticing they're seated at a standard party table.

Rent Higher Quality Linens

Making good use of your total rental budget can create a luxurious experience without causing you to resort to more expensive tables. Since most weddings require the use of table linens including floor length table cloths, there's no reason to worry about guests seeing the tables they're sitting at. Renting a more expensive set of velvet, linen, or satin tablecloths provides a boost of luxury at a lower cost than upgrading every table. Don't forget about the visual appeal of affordable patterned or themed table runners, which are often available for as little as $3 each from the rental company.

Choose Better Chairs

Aside from the linens, the chairs located around the edges of each table are far more visible than the table itself. When focusing on where to spend a limited wedding budget, set aside more of the money for chair rentals than tables when there's a need to trim down a certain category. Renting wooden chairs instead of metal or plastic ones makes an immediate visual impact, while guests are happy to use practically any type of table as long as its sturdy and covered with a nice tablecloth.

Clean the Tables

The costs can rise after your wedding ends if you return the rented tables in dirty condition. Most wedding supply rental companies charge an additional fee for cleaning, so any spills that soaked through the linens or mud stuck to the legs of the table could result in a fee or the loss of a deposit. Organizing wedding party members to check and clean rental tables before they're picked up can save you a substantial amount of money, and it's a nice gift from friends and family members.

Arrange Your Own Communal Tables

Finally, you'll usually pay more to rent long tables than the same number of short tables. Renting three or four square tables and pushing them together can create the look of a communal farm table without the high rental fees. Add a table pad and tablecloth that stretch the entire length of the combined tables and your wedding guests won't even be able to tell what you've done. Be creative in your seating arrangements and uses of the most affordable rental tables from your local company to stretch your wedding budget in ways that guests won't notice. You'll get plenty of compliments while saving your money for the honeymoon and your life as newlyweds.

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