Planning To Open A Haunted House This Fall? Tips To Get It Set Up And Get Customers

If you are planning to open a haunted house this fall, you need to ensure that you set it up properly. This will make sure everyone gets scared but also has a good time. Below are some tips on setting it up, as well as getting customers to walk through the door.

Setting Up Haunted House

Before you can set up your haunted house you need to find a place. For example, empty prisons are scary, as well are empty insane asylums in your area. If you have neither of these things, you can set up your haunted house in an empty building instead, such as a warehouse. You should be able to rent any of these for a few weeks.

Once you have chosen the destination it is time to decorate. If the inside of the walls is a bright color, such as white, you need to paint them with a much darker color. If you are not allowed to paint, you can drape black sheets over the walls. The floors should look dusty and dirty.  Purchase a few fog machines to place inside the haunted house. This will instantly make things appear scarier.  Play haunted music throughout the house, as well as have the music playing outside.

Set up a maze inside the home but make sure it is not too difficult to get out of. Walking through a maze in the dark is scary. Hire people to dress up in scary costumes and jump out at people randomly as they are walking through the haunted house.

These are just a few tips to help you get started. Visit some haunted houses in your area to get some great ideas on things you can do.

Getting Customers for Your Haunted House

Once you have your haunted house set up, you need to ensure people come to it. One way to do this is make flyers and give them out all over your town. Ask store owners if they will hang your flyer somewhere in their store.

Hire a web designer to make a website for you. They have strategies they can use to get visitors to the site. Chances are a lot of people will be searching for haunted houses online during this time of year. Ask the web designer to make your website spooky. For example, they could use a black background and have scary music play softly when someone arrives on the website.

When you are finished setting up your haunted house walk through it on your own just like someone else was for the first time. This will allow you to see if there are any changes you need to make.